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VR Public Buildings

360 VR Public Buildings

360 Metric offers a complete visual tour in a virtual reality format for any building or public property. Users can get used to these properties even before visiting them.

The experience is so immersive that they feel like they are visiting the property. This allows you to know a public building and its services before visiting it. It also helps reduce chaos and irregular human trafficking in these places.

We use 360-degree visual images of the existing property and adapt them to a unique application. We add navigation options and detailed information to these images. Once users enter this tour, they can navigate the property from point to point using menus, interactive maps, and intuitive gauges. At each location, they can access all the integrated information.

These tours can be run on PCs, laptops, mobile devices, and virtual reality sets. You can also download them on their websites and mobile apps.

360 Metric technology will increase your website’s ranking in search engines using behavioral and conversion rate metrics. It is a very simple but effective advertising method. The bright and realistic 3D tour will highlight your status and bring you many more visitors than any photo you have taken.

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