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A 3D virtual tour of your luxury hotel offers guests a truly modern and engaging way to view your facilities, décor, appearance, and atmosphere to drive direct bookings. A 3D scan can also be sent directly to customers via a web link, marketing campaigns. 


Don’t look like everyone else!

Get into presenting your next list with a secret weapon: Virtual Reality Tour.  The real estate industry always produces a lot of profit and the most challenging sector with constant business growth. 


Now that all trade shows are offered as virtual events only, 360 Metric sets your business apart. Virtual exhibits only provide a flat page with some links that look just like all other exhibitors. Our virtual kiosks offer an engaging experience conveying your branding and marketing materials.


Engage global clients with interactive and photorealistic 3D tours

Increase your sales by adding interactive virtual tours of your yacht that work on all devices and computers and are compatible with mobile devices and virtual reality headsets.


Stadium experience from home!

The creation of virtual reality for entertainment purposes will be essential to winning over the public. Therefore, the sports industry has a role to play. Sports fans are always looking for exceptional experiences during sporting events.


Connect the past and the present with VR!

Imagine a way for tourists and students to physically experience life in another country and a culture other than virtual reality!  VR allows people to immerse themselves in another part of the world as if they were part of it.


The bird’s eye view is beyond imagination!!

360 video is the most potent content format for user engagement. Transport viewers to the center of the film, revolutionizing the content and giving them a whole 360 ° interactive experience of authentic world images.


Virtual Tour For The Construction Industry

Virtual Tours Are More Than Just Beautiful Pictures. They Memorize The Subject In Detail, Offering A Lasting And Indisputable Visual Recording And Immersive Experience.


Promote Your Brand!

Use our virtual tours to highlight your vehicles’ main features and strengths using our interactive links built into the model. 


VR Event It!

Interactive VR experiences are a great way to entertain guests, drive traffic to a trade show booth, or launch an exciting new product.


360 Metric offers a complete visual tour in a virtual reality format for any building or public property. Users can get used to these properties even before visiting them.

The experience is so immersive that they feel like they are visiting the property.


Be open 24-7-365

Create unique 360 Virtual Tour experience and allow to your clients to visit your location from wherever they are. Our technology allowing them to walk through your space while in the comfort of their own office or home. You can upload the VR Tour to your website and increase the staying of visitors by clicks and time. Share the tour to social and use it as online marketing tool. Google maps can host the tour and prospective clients can find you easily. Stay ahead of your competition.